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A powerful epigenetic formula scientifically proven to boost energy using natural vitamins and minerals, and to aid in weight loss; a healthy alternative to energy drinks, sodas, and even coffee!

Weight Loss

Using the African Mango seed, ACTIVZ AIRO offers fiber that helps clear cholesterol from the body. With ACTIVZ AIRO’s fiber, and ingredients like Citrus Aurauntium, you’ll feel fuller, longer.

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Increases Metabolism

ACTIVZ AIRO contains natural metabolic activators, like guarana. We’ve also formulated ACTIVZ AIRO with a blend of B Vitamins to help you stay balanced as your energy increases.

Improved Lifestyle

We’ve designed ACTIVZ AIRO to target your alertness and vitality as well! Green Coffee Bean Extract helps you stay focused.

How long can Airo be taken consecutively?

We recommend you start off taking one scoop of ACTIVZ AIRO a day, to better understand how ACTIVZ AIRO affects you. Remember: Airo is not a medicine, and does not require a lengthy test process. Listen to your body, and you’ll be able to make the best decision for you. Recommended uses (1 scoop a day) are based on the literature for their individual ingredients. In theory, Airo can be consumed for 3 months in a row before stopping for a 15-day break. Though ACTIVZ AIRO has all natural ingredients, if you have an allergic reaction during the consumption or break phases, please consult your doctor.

Who shouldn't use Airo?

People with hypertension and heart failure, children, and women who are nursing or are pregnant should consult their doctor before consuming this and any other supplement.

Can obese children consume this drink or from what age can Airo be taken?

Caffeinated drinks are not generally recommended for children, so their intake should be under the recommendation of a doctor.

Airo Specifications

Two of the biggest challenges people face when they commit to exercise is weight loss, and low energy. ACTIVZ AIRO fights both of these issues with proven epigenetic ingredients and enables users to feel a boost to energy levels. Ingredients like our B Vitamin complex allows users to skip the crash of other energy drink mixes and stay focused all day long. And why wait to lose weight? ACTIVZ AIRO’s African Mango Seed Extract is very high in fiber, and when combined with Citrus Aurantium, these two ingredients help you shed the pounds and feel full earlier at mealtimes.
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